Jul. 18th, 2014

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A  month or two ago I joined IAMPETH, which is a calligraphy association that is awesome. They have a yearly conference (for various reasons I can't go this year, but I'm already planning to go to such a thing next summer) and publish a newsletter with lessons on letterforms and decoration and so on. They also run an envelope exchange, in which you are assigned five buddies, to whom you address an envelope beautifully and send it off. Apparently, envelope-addressing is an art. One of the best calligraphy suppliers I've ever seen, John Neal Bookseller, has a whole gallery dedicated  to displaying the beautiful envelopes that its customers have sent it. I have completed two of mine so far and sent them off. I won't post them here unaltered, because they do contain private name and address information. Fortunately, the address is not actually the point, because I was focusing more on my celtic-style decoration. So, here they are, with addresses blurred out! (I left the New York in one, because that doesn't seem like much of a privacy issue. Also, so you could see the script.) *

*Unlike Jean Wilson, who customizes each envelope she sends to John Neal Books according to the design of the stamp, I simply used what I had. It clashes a bit; I don't think that the 9th-century Celts and Northumbrians had much use for Hannukah.

Next up I will be showing off a new script I've been learning: English roundhand, also called copperplate. Sometime in the next week or two; stay tuned!


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