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My grandparents sent me a graduation check. I decided to employ my newly acquired skills to create a thank-you card. As with the previous creation I've posted here, the lettering is not particularly good, but as I think you'll agree, the lettering is not really the point here. (All the same, I need to remind myself to practice the ostensible point of these documents more than I have been.)

Here I've penciled in the design for the big initial T (for "thank you"), and started inking over it. I've just bought a crow-quill pointed nib, which is exactly right for this sort of work. (The more flexible nibs I've been using hitherto might be better for copperplate, but they don't hold as much ink.)

Next I've completed the basic T and added the lettering. I also added an intertwining decoration, in part to practice my triangular knots in the little crevice between the top of the T and the outside of its bowl.

Here I've started coloring in the T, and I've also decided that the decoration is going to be a dragon. I like dragons.

Red is complete!

Coloring is done!

This morning I decided to add a little bit of scrolling decoration. And, because the yellow was open anyway, I added flames. I like fire-breathing dragons. I can't really decide whether the scrollwork is too much or not, and I feel as if the knotwork should have been painted in. But I couldn't think of a good color that wouldn't make the whole thing too busy. Those of you who are colorly gifted, please let me know what would be a good completion to the basic image above, if the completion below does not suit your fancy. (The flames stay, of course.)

Date: 2014-07-18 01:34 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] newredshoes
I love your calligraphy posts! For your delectation, I just found this 3-D calligraphy and thought you'd enjoy it.


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