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Jun. 27th, 2017 05:33 pm
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Hoosband complains that all my posts here are to do lists.

That is true. It's much easier to make a to do list and focus on Getting Shit Done, than to think about how sick my babbos is right now. (answer: very sick. I'm hoping it's roseola and not anything worse)

Anyway, a small todo list for me to check off in the next 2 days:

- download all the talk videos from sprout and re-combine them. Then re-upload them to sprout
- make new video pages from said videos, properly timed
- if have time: make screenshots
- move the teacher-specific bits of G1-10 pages onto the support side
- Make G8-AP page content
- make the G1-7 pages pretty
- duplicate the G1-4 Online hw page to make G5-7, G8-9, and K online hw pages
- add lesson structure info to the online hw pages
- make online hw screencaps
- double-check that all of the help pages have been moved over
- duplicate the parentadvice page to make middle school and high school parent advice pages
- make New School ordering guide
- make new School Support
- go to the bank to deposit checks (remember to ask about that monthly $30 charge on personal acct)
- go to ups store to mail stuff
- send updated textbook covers and cd labels to printers'

Soon summer

Jun. 16th, 2017 11:12 pm
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People have asked me whether this half year when I've had research leave hasn't flown by. But really, it hasn't, there has been a lot of things, lots of different places, and I wish it could last longer, but it has also been a long time.

This last week back home, on the other hand, has flown by. I've been planning next semester's courses, and whereas I really miss teaching, I really do not miss neither the administrative stuff (all course description needs to be updated to a new template, totally different from the last one. Deadline: yesterday), not the grading. But that is still months away!

But first: Brittany and my course in Breton.

Last summer I did a two week course in Quimper, Brittany, France in Breton. I can't really I say I learned a lot. I was the second worst in class, not having any schooling in Celtic languages, unlike the others. So of course I decided to go back this summer. I haven't studied a second, so this year I will be the worst student on the second level!

So Sunday I'm flying out to London, rushing from Gatwick to London City Airport (where I once met Princess Diana as she was opening a new runway), and from there to Quimper. I've got a ticket from Quimper to London, but not home. I'm thinking of taking of taking a couple of days in London, but haven't decided on anything yet. Also staying in London is disgustingly expensive. Particularly in July...

Oh, well, I'm trying to be spontaneous. Does it work?


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